Committee Members (updated February 2021)

Rob Severn Chair CCA chair’@’ declaration RS 2020-21
Dave Fernley Vice-Chair Independent DaveFernley’@’ Declaration DF 2020-21
 Raza Ali Member Independent firstcareuk’@’ Declaration RA – 2020-21
Mandip Bassi Member CCA Declaration MB 2020-21
Rebecca Butterworth Member CCA Rebecca.Butterworth’@’ RB Signed
Bethan Chamberlain Member CCA bethanmevans’@’ declaration BC 2020-21
Linda Ferguson Member AIMp Linda.ferguson10’@’ declaration LF 2020-21
Angela Kahendeke Member CCA Declaration AK 2020-21
Vijay Pujara Member Independent vpujara’@’ Declaration VP 2020-21 (1)Declaration VP 2020-21 (2)
Dhiren Raval member Independent dbraval’@’ Declaration DR 2020-21 (2) Declaration DR 2020-21 (1)
Jon Such Member AIMp jon.such’@’ Declaration JonS 2020-21
James Sutcliffe Member CCA James.Sutcliffe’@’ declarations JS
Randeep Tak Member Independent randeep.tak’@’ Declaration RT 2020-21

Information for perspective members – LPC-new-members-guide-2017

Click here for a list of contractors and their allocated LPC member so you can contact the relevant member from the list above –



Employees of the LPC

Nick Hunter, Chief Officer – Tel: 07595 069178  Declaration – NH

Alison Ellis, Secretary –  Tel:  07882289083  Declaration – AE

Gordon Heeley, Treasurer –  Tel:  07739 487568  Declaration GH 2020-21