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Electronic Prescription Service Release 2 (EPSR2)

The EPSR2 service continues to be rolled out across Nottinghamshire with many GP practices eager to become operational. Where GP practices have already gone “live” the service is working well, although it does require a lot of work from pharmacy in particular to begin with. However, once the initial shock to the system is absorbed, the electronic system soon becomes part of the day to day fabric of EPSR2 live pharmacies.

The pace of change is not fast (less than half a dozen GP sites have gone live this year to date) but this is good for pharmacy because it means we can get it right first time. Remember, EPSR2 is a business critical process and all contractors must be ready. In particular the following things must be in order:

· Smart Cards – make sure you have them and they are live (have not expired)

· Nominations – make sure your staff know how to nominate patients correctly

· Get your SOPs in order and have a robust Business Continuity Plan (what happens if the lights go out?). Your system suppliers can help you with these points so use them!

For more information make sure you visit the NHS Digital website regularly to keep you updated as to what is happening nationwide and locally –



Affected by EPS2 Roll-out?

 The LPC has received reports that surgeries have been concerned that their practice name has been used in mail-shots from a distant internet pharmacy and that patients have been upset.

The LPC believes that patients should be able to make choices based on comprehensive information about EPS2 and the services that they can receive from their local community pharmacy. To support contractors with this the LPC have developed a flyer in conjunction with the PSNC for contractors to use.

patient flyer for EPS


System Issues

Problems – Pharmacists must log calls with their Service Supplier and obtain a call log number.  Working around the problem will not resolve it and may have a knock on effect later.

A number of calls are being received from Locums advising they do not have information on EPS Release 2.  If you require a Locum to work at your pharmacy, you must ensure they have a Release 2 compliant smartcard, know how to use your system and if necessary provide them with the information needed to support the delivery of your service.

Useful links

Endorsing and Claiming Electronic Prescriptions – http://systems.digital.nhs.uk/eps/dispensing/endrs


Lessons Learned

Pharmacy sites who are using EPS R2 have identified that their systems do not easily show when a patient has nominated, resulting in some patients being asked multiple times if they want to sign up for the service – this can be frustrating for all involved.  You may also wish to consider your system having the ability to report on patients who have nominated and being able to compare that to those who are on a repeat collection service.  An icon on the front screen to show the patient has nominated would provide a useful display.  Pharmacists using the EPS R2 service are suggested to log tools such as these as a development request with your suppliers.

NHIS EPS Project Manager

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