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 EPS2 is here – like it or not

If you are reading this and haven’t got an EPS2 compliant system – and there are a significant few in Bassetlaw then you need to review your situation otherwise you could be a at a significant commercial disadvantage when faced with patients wanting to nominate your pharmacy for their electronic prescription but can’t.

Your PMR system supplier should provide you with EPS2 training – this may be through your head office and could consist of workbooks, e-learning modules or videos.

EPS2 will be rolling out across Bassetlaw soon and albeit a bit behind other neighbouring areas it is likely to be quick when it comes. However, you could just as easily receive EPS prescriptions from outside the area – such as workers or relatives with doctors in South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire or even Cornwall. There have been several cases recently where patients have turned up at a pharmacy for their prescription and the pharmacy have not been able to process the EPS prescription and turned the patient away or contacted the surgery and asked for a paper prescription. The NHS England Area Team have made it very clear that this is a breach if that pharmacy has declared themselves EPS2 compliant and claiming the monthly EPS2 allowance. Please makes sure your pharmacy team know how to process EPS2 prescriptions, not only for your own business continuity, but to avoid adding to the non-compliance statistics at the Area Team.



The pack that Bet Rudge brings out to pharmacy before going live is here  – please read through this as this gives you all the steps that need to be taken to be ready for ‘Go live’.

EPS Aide memoire and pharmacy Benefits_all except Rotherham
EPS Nomination Form – small
ETP_Monthly_Allowance_Claim_Form_v4 0_April_2013
example RA02 Dispenser sponsor
Nomination Guidance from HSCIC
Sponsor letter request example V1
WSYB CSU Pharmacy Guide to Electronic Prescription Service Release 2
Electronic reimbursement process for pharmacies

Sponsor pack from the NHS West and South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Commissioning Support Unit

Sponsor Pack

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Provider is Sheffield CCG

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