EPS funding

EPS claims

There is a lot of information on the PSNC website and also NHS Digital site – links below

A test prescription is downloaded by your system supplier which you need to send through to activate payment ‘ known as a golden script’. There is an initial £1000 allowance for providing evidence that the pharmacy are EPS 2 ready including trained staff, smartcards etc. There is then a £200 per month payment which you need to complete a form and send to the NHS England Area Team.

This is also explained in the Drug Tariff Part VIA Section 4 – http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/PrescriptionServices/3063.aspx


Info from the PSNC site below and the documents needed

EPS Release 2 Allowance

A further allowance of £1,000 is being paid linked to a pharmacy deploying EPS Release 2. Payment is automatically triggered, when a pharmacy submits a synthetic reimbursement message to NHS Prescription Services. There is no need to complete a claim form and the NHS England Area Team don’t need to authorise the payment. A contractor will be given a barcode of a digitally signed test prescription during deployment of Release 2 in the pharmacy. When the contractor sends the test electronic reimbursement message to the spine, this will trigger both the Release 2 £1000 allowance and a contractor being classified as enabled for nomination (i.e. information being fed to NHS Choices that the contractor is enabled). Confirmation of payment will appear on a contractor’s schedule of payments.

At a later date, once more information is known about the likely timescale for deploying EPS Release 2, a deadline will be set for claiming this allowance.


Monthly Allowance

When a pharmacy contractor is able to operate the Electronic Prescription Service if an appropriate prescription is presented or requested, the pharmacy can claim £200/month from the NHS England Area Team using the appropriate claim form. If a contractor has submitted the relevant claim form to the NHS England Area Team by the end of the first month that he is able to operate the service, he is eligible to receive the monthly allowance for that month and subsequent months. If at a later date the pharmacy contractor becomes unable to operate the Electronic Prescription Service, they must inform the NHS England Area Team in writing immediately so that payment of this on-going allowance is stopped.

Monthly Allowance claim form

Click on the link below to download the form required to claim the monthly allowance and a template letter to notify NHS England if the pharmacy ceases to be in a position to operate the service:

ETP Monthly Allowance Claim Form

EPS template letter to stop ongoing payments