LPC Activity

The LPC will try to keep the Nottinghamshire contractors updated on the activities that have taken place each month.  This will be mainly via the Strategy / Business Plan which is reviewed at each LPC meeting and shows what the future plans are as well as a record of the work previously undertaken.

Newsletters are produced every couple of months and distributed to all contractors currently by mailchimp.

Meetings that the LPC attend each month are too numerous to list but updates should be available in the open minutes and also on the relevant website pages.

The LPC work hard to ensure that local MPs and Councillors are up to date with what is happening in pharmacy and the services pharmacy can provide to their constituents.  Information on previous visits are available on the pharmacy visit page.

If there is anything that you wish the LPC to work on or would like to be added to the website then please go the the contact us tab at the top of the page and complete the form.