Controlled Waste transfer

An e-consignment note acts as both a hazardous waste consignment note and a duty of care controlled waste transfer note, but without the paper!

The e-consignment note is completed in the same way as a paper consignment note – the only difference is that you will review the information displayed on our service driver’s mobile device and sign on the device instead of a piece of paper.

This innovation will help us to align and deliver a digital solution that is in line with the NHS paperless 2020 initiative and to further deliver against internal sustainability plans.

Next Steps
In order to receive e-consignment notes you will need to have a current email address registered with us. We recommend using a central email address that can be accessed by relevant stakeholders in your business. (For NHS customers email addresses should end

For further information you can contact your Stericycle Account Manager or call our customer support centre on 0333 240 4400.

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