Community Pharmacy Extended Care Services (Previously Pharmacy First / MAS)

Community Pharmacy Extended Care


Community Pharmacy Extended Care services Lorna Densham Primary Care Support Officer 0113 8250945 NHS England, Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Area Team, Birch House, Southwell Road West, Rainworth, Nottinghamshire, NG21 0HJ


Now called Community Pharmacy Extended Care Services there will be a whole family of services commissioned by NHSE&I across the whole of the Midlands Regional footprint.

The old Pharmacy First name was “retired” amid confusion over which services had ended when common ailments services were decommissioned.

Community Pharmacy Extended Care Services

The service has two tiers:

Tier 1 services can be offered by any interested pharmacy and include the relaunched UTI service and a new eye service.

Tier 2a skin services will be available for offer by any interested pharmacy .

Tier 2b services will only be available for offer by selected pharmacies.  In Staffordshire and Shropshire these are the pharmacies that were delivering the ENT service prior to the service suspension (March 2020).  In other areas there will be a selection process – this will be announced in due course, at this time NHSE&I are working on new SLAs and PGDs etc.


For more information on the services and documents for completion click here (will be directed to South Staffs LPC website who are hosting the documents)