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GP Pharmacy Transformation project update

 The project is a locally funded (NHS England, N Midlands) GP Pharmacy project designed to maximise patients’ health and wellbeing by making efficient use of the skills of both General Practitioners and Community Pharmacists. The programme aims to develop and evaluate new models of care to test whether the quality of patient care can be improved by utilising community pharmacy independent prescribers (CPIP) in both a GP practice and/or a community pharmacy setting. CPIPs will be part of the wider General Practice team and co-manage patients with long term conditions and urgent care needs. In one pilot site, care for patients in Nursing homes is also being tested. The project is hosted by Newark and Sherwood CCG.


Significant progress has been made in developing project pilot sites across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, by developing strong relationships between General Practice and Community Pharmacy. Six pilot sites have been identified, with 4 sites live as of 1st October 2015.  Over 1,800 patient contacts have been made (by Dec 31st 2015), with very positive feedback from key stakeholders including patients, GPs, Practice staff and Community Pharmacy. A fifth site is due to go live in January 2016 (in Nottingham City), with a final site start date pending on the appointment of a suitably qualified Independent Prescriber.


Patient contacts comprise mainly of Medication Reviews which includes high risk meds, cardiovascular meds. Also patients in nursing homes, renal disease, and minor ailments are being handled by the pharmacists as well as picking up many medication and discharge queries. Patient satisfaction is very high, with excellent feedback to date. Practices are also reporting high levels of satisfaction by having a medicines expert and having additional capacity for seeing patients.

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We are pleased to attach the first programme update for the local GP Pharmacy transformation programme, which we hope that you will find of interest. This is the first of a series of updates that describes the programme, it’s aims, where pilots are operating, and what they are doing, a feature on the Chesterfield pilot and some early feedback from patients, including a link to a short video.

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