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LPN Annual Report 2015
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Manufacturer stock shortages – information leaflet for the patient and gp

With regard to out of stocks, it was felt by attendees at the last LPN stakeholder event that it is unreasonable to expect GP’s and Medicines Management Teams to keep up to date with manufacturer shortages and that this is best done on a local level with information coming from community pharmacies.   It is also felt that phone calls to surgeries are not always the best way to communicate this information.

To this end, Tom Bisset has drafted a Dear Doctor note that you may consider using. The idea is to hand to patients to take back to the surgery with some basic information to facilitate a timely resolution to the issue caused by the stock shortage.

We hope that you will consider using the attached form which is included in both word and pdf format for your convenience

LPN solution4-Manufacturer Shortage Problem (pdf)

LPN solution4-Manufacturer Shortage Problem


Matthew Auckland

On behalf of the Pharmacy Local Professional Network

South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw


The recently formed SY&B LPN for pharmacy will provide clinical leadership in medicines optimisation and will develop the role of community pharmacy in supporting self-care and helping patients to manage long term conditions effectively. From April 2013, the NHS National Commissioning Board will be responsible for planning, securing and monitoring high quality primary care services, including community pharmacy.

In SY&B we were early adopters of the LPN approach and this lead to the successful bidding and commissioning of the inhaler technique service. Since the beginning of 2013 the LPN has suffered from constant changes and uncertainty of the structural changes in the NHS. These are starting to settle down with most appointments in the NHS Commissioning Board area team now recruited.

The SY LPCs have good working relationships with the area team and a history or working together so we expect that once this position is recruited to, work plans will be developed quickly with a key theme around medicines optimisation at which point this page will be updated with those details.  If in the meantime you have any queries or suggestions then do not hesitate to contact Nick Hunter, LPC secretary.


November 2013 – The LPN has appointed Peter Magirr has chair for SY&B LPN.  Peter has already started working on workstreams and membership of the LPN.