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DRAFT Emergency supply contract 14-15


Off Premises MURs

August 22, 2013

The policy with regard to pharmacies providing MURs other than on the Pharmacy premises has now been agreed for the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Area.

MURs at the patient’s Home

In order to facilitate prompt MURs at patient’s homes it has been agreed that only one South Yorkshire version of the PREM2 application (see attached) needs to be completed per pharmacist per pharmacy (i.e. if there are 2 pharmacists providing MURs for the same pharmacy, they will need to send in 2 applications. Similarly, if one pharmacist provides off premises MURs on behalf of 2 pharmacies, they need to submit 2 applications). Section 3 of the PREM2 should be completed stating “patients home” and “patients unable to attend the Pharmacy” (this has already been entered on the attached form).

Once sent to the Area Team, MURs can be completed at the patient’s home. At the end of the month (and before the 10th of the following month) a list of off premises MURs carried out that month stating date and address (but not patient name etc) has to be sent to the Area Team using the attached form.

Telephone MURs

Applications for undertaking MURs by telephone should be made only in exceptional circumstances and a PREM2 form should be submitted for each patient


 Matthew Auckland
Clinical Advisor (Pharmacy)
South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw
NHS England

There are four Advanced Services within the NHS community pharmacy contract which is overseen by the National Commissioning Board . Community pharmacies can choose to provide any of these services as long as they meet the requirements set out in the Secretary of State Directions.

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