Nottingham City PCNs

Nottingham City PCNs
In Nottingham City, there are eight PCNs. These are broadly organised around the Nottingham City Council wards and are of similar configuration to the Care Delivery Groups previously established, with a few exceptions due to the minimum size of PCNs being mandated to 30,000 (except in rural areas) and the establishment of a University Student PCN in recognition of the distinct population.

Map of Primary Care Networks in Nottingham City


PCN Clinical Director Lead Pharmacist
PCN 1 Dr Andrew Foster
PCN 3 Dr Jonathan Harte
PCN 4 Dr Jo Guha
PCN 5 Dr Mike Crowe
PCN 6 Dr Hussain Gandhi
/ Dr Margaret Abbott
PCN 7 Dr Katherine O’Connor
PCN 8 Dr Heetan Patel
PCN U Dr Matthew Litchfield








Mid Notts PCNs
Ashfield South PCN  –  Dr Junaid Dar / Dr Depa Balakrishnan
Ashfield North PCN  –  Dr Andrew Poutney / Dr Gavin Lunn
Mansfield South PCN – Dr Milind Tadpatrikar
Mansfield North PCN  –  Dr Khalid Butt / Dr James Mills
Sherwood PCN  –  Dr Kevin Korfe
Newark PCN  –  Dr James Cusack

South Notts PCNs
Nottm West PCN (Eastwood & Stapleford, Bramcote & Beeston)  –  Dr Nicole Atkinson
Bramcote and Beeston  –  Dr Nicole Atkinson
Rushcliffe PCN (North, Central, South)  –  Dr Mat Jelpke / Dr Richard Stratton / Dr Lynn Ovenden / Dr Nigel Cartwright / Dr Gurvinder Sahota
Nottingham North & East PCN1 (Hucknall) – Dr Adam Connor
Nottingham North & East PCN 2 (Arnold & Calverton)  –  Dr Kate Evans
Nottingham North & East PCN 3 (Carlton & Villages)  –  Dr Umar Ahmad
Nottingham North & East PCN 4  –  Dr Ian Campbell


Bassetlaw PCNs (part of South Yorskshire & Bassetlaw ICS)
Larwood and Bawtry  – Dr Richard Davey
Retford and villages  – Dr Joel Chapman
Newgate – Dr Deepti Alla



Notts PCNs with surgeries + clinical directors



A briefing for pharmacy teams from NHSE – pcn-briefing-pharmacy-teams NHSE+APTUK jun19