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Wednesday, 4 December, 2013


Event News Round 23/11/13 for South Yorkshire & South Humber area

The Lower GI meeting planned for 27/11/13 has been canceled.  We had to move the meeting once and tried to squeeze the event in before Christmas, but now it has become necessary to move the meeting to after Christmas.  Organising LPF events involved juggling many factors around to ensure a successful event.   Organising events in late November or December always causes problems with speakers and venues.  The main problem being that many venues host parties in adjacent rooms and venue will not guarantee an undisturbed event.  As usual I will hold the bookings and write again when a new date has been set in the New Year.  The same applies to the alcohol abuse meeting in Barnsley which has been moved to after Christmas.

There are no further LPF events before Christmas but our colleagues at the CPPE have two events:

27/11/13 Evening CPPE/RPS LPF Medicines Optimisation at the 1e/2e Care Interface Earl of Doncaster

For the Doncaster meeting at the Earl of Doncaster, there will be two speakers. Firstly, Peter Magirr will speak on ‘What is medicines optimisation’, and Heidi Taylor will speak about practical the things pharmacists & technicians can do with patients, relevant no matter where they work.  A stop start quiz and a case study about a COPD patient who is in and out of hospital frequently.  Book via the CPPE website.

04/12/13 Evening Joint CPPE/RPS LPF Medicines Optimisation at the 1e/2e Care Interface Quadrant Sheffield

This is a similar event to the Doncaster meeting targeted for the Sheffield area.

Please book for these events via the CPPE website and not through me.

If you are requesting the presentation or learning materials from a LPF event please quote your GPhC or other registration number.  The LPF policy is that all of our events are conducted under the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry rules.  This means that we can only release learning materials to registered health professionals and pharmacy students.  I frequently receive requests without an identifiable individual – e.g. the name associated with the email is a nickname or user name or a pharmacy branch.  Also another problem I often encounter is with some work based email systems are rejecting the attachments we send.  This is a particular problem with Rotherham NHS and Boots based email addresses.   The workaround is to request via a private email account rather than a work based email address.

3) Planning for 2014

Rheumatology: A rescheduling of the meeting deferred from September in Grimsby.
Specials & off license medicine:  A topic of interest to all sectors.
The GPhC & Professional matters.  You questions answered by a representative from the GPhC.
Antibacterials. This is an event from the CPPE.
Renal Medicine.  A look at renal medicine from the pharmacy practice point of view.

4) LPF Operational Matters & Administration

New e-services:  In response to requests from members as part of the current development of event administration, we are developing an in house software system that will enable us to email attendance certificates and an annual event statement record via email.  These will be useful for members who keep their CPD records electronically.  I can produce these now by request on an individual basis.  The paper attendance certificates will continue for the time being but are being reviewed.  Please let me know ASAP if you have any suggestions.

Steering Group (TransCom) meetings:  These are due in late November.  Items for discussion are end of year reports, next year’s events & funding.  If you have any items for the agenda please let me have them ASAP.  The meetings may take place after an event, or if there is enough business to discuss, I will arrange a separate date & venue.



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