Pharmacy Quality Scheme Part 1

PQS 2020/21 Part 1 Essential Criteria Checklist
Pharmacy contractors must note that all of the below hyperlinks are current at the time of publishing this determination and are advised to check for the most current version.

1a) The contractor has conducted a COVID-19 infection control risk assessment for the pharmacy premises and where risks have been identified, has implemented mitigating actions, e.g. use of physical barriers such as above head height protective screens, where possible and appropriate.

1b) The contractor has made reasonable adjustments to maximise social distancing in accordance with the latest government guidance on COVID-19 secure workplaces: Working safely during coronavirus¹

2) The contractor has updated the pharmacy Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) or related guidance, where appropriate, to minimise the risk of transmission of SARS-CoV-2, having considered the guidance within the latest NHSE&I COVID-19 Pharmacy SOP².  All staff have been briefed on changes relevant to their
role in the pharmacy and a record of this is maintained.

3a) The contractor has appropriate and up to date COVID-19 posters, warnings and information displayed so they are visible at entry points to the pharmacy premises.

3b) For Distance Selling Pharmacies, there are appropriate and up to date COVID-19 public information and advice displayed prominently on their website.

4) Members of staff have been informed of risk factors for poorer outcomes of COVID-19 such as gender, age, BAME background and co-morbidities. Individual COVID-19 risk assessments have been offered to all members of staff. Where the staff members accepted the offer, the contractor has conducted an individual
risk assessment for each member of staff and put in place any appropriate mitigations. A record of this is maintained.

5) The contractor has a process in place to advise and refer staff with symptoms of COVID-19 for testing in accordance with Government guidance³

6a) The contractor has available facilities and resources (e.g. alcohol handrub) to support staff to conduct hand hygiene procedures frequently, to reduce the transmission risk of SARS-CoV-2 and support infection control.

6b) The contractor has posters displayed in relevant areas to promote best hand hygiene practice, for example:

6c) The contractor has posters displayed in relevant areas to promote best practice use of handrub for example:

7) The contractor has reviewed and adopted, as a minimum, the PPE recommendations4 for their staff working in the pharmacy.

8) The contractor has reviewed and, as appropriate, updated business continuity plans for the COVID-19 pandemic including Emergency Business Continuity Planning for any potential closure(s), identifying one or more local pharmacies, which can support and provide pharmaceutical services to their patients, whilst the
pharmacy is closed.

9) The contractor has identified an area of the pharmacy where symptomatic patients could be isolated if they are unable to leave the premises, e.g. if an ambulance is required, and can follow the process outlined in the latest COVID-19 Pharmacy SOP (including decontamination of the area after the symptomatic patient has

10) The contractor has reviewed examples of good practice during the pandemic and has adopted them as considered appropriate for the individual pharmacy. These include examples collated by the General Pharmaceutical Council:

11) The contractor and registered staff working at the pharmacy have read relevant COVID-19 guidance on the GPhC website5 and a record of this is maintained.


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