Medicine Use Reviews (MURs)

Medicine Use Reviews (MURs) –  you will be directed to the PSNC website

The Medicines Use Review (MUR) aims to help patients use their medicines more effectively. Following the review, recommendations made to prescribers may also relate to the clinical or cost effectiveness of the treatment. The service includes Medicines Use Reviews undertaken periodically or when there is a need to make an adherence-focused intervention due to a problem that is identified while providing the dispensing service (a prescription intervention MUR).

Aims of the Service – To improve patient knowledge, adherence and use of their medicines by:
establishing the patient’s actual use, understanding and experience of taking their medicines
identifying, discussing and resolving poor or ineffective use of their medicines
identifying side effects and drug interactions that may affect adherence
improving the clinical and cost effectiveness of prescribed medicines and reducing medicine wastage.

Local info – NHS England North Midlands

MURs – telephone or off premises MURs

Pharmacists need to submit a PREM2D form which is available to download from the PSNC website (, to the email address below.

The pharmacist will need to confirm that the patient is housebound and cannot access the pharmacy for a face-to-face MUR.

Send the following  to

MUR training certificates

PREM2D form