LPC Members Seminar 2012

Monday, 8 October, 2012 10am to 4pm
Pullman St Pancras Hotel, London

Also running 16th October 2012 in Leeds at the Holiday Inn.

Although aimed at new LPC members and Secretaries, the seminar is also of value to longer standing members and officers wanting a refresher and update. The seminars includes an overview of the new market entry regulations and the LPC members responsibilities in planning the future structure and role of the LPC in the new commissioning environment.
As a matter of governance all LPC members must receive training, if required, to carry out their role, properly discharge the duties of an LPC member and make informed decisions affecting their contractors.

The seminar covers a wide range of LPC administration issues, including:

• NHS Regulations – all NHS regulations that LPC members must be aware of and understand, including the new market entry regulations and DH guidance; PNAs; what LPCs need to take into account when considering contract applications; sanctions; hours; dealing with complaints
• The new NHS architecture
• The LPC members role is ensuring the LPC is fit for purpose in terms of a business plan, human resources and budget
• LPC function and responsibilities; statutory obligations to consult the LPC
• LPC constitution and governance
• The role of the LPC officers
• The LPC members responsibilities and accountability
• The LPC members role in managing LPC employees and self employed
• Managing change
• Meeting skills
• LPC strategic planning
• Competencies for the LPC member
• LPC finance- how the LPC is funded and what the levy can and cannot be spent on; LPC expenses policy; preparing an LPC budget and monitoring spend

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