LPC Support Training- How to be an effective Coach and Mentor- Extra Date Added

Tuesday, 3 June, 2014 10am to 4pm
Milton Keynes

Following the outstanding  feedback from the two events so far and the requests for an extra date, the coaching and mentoring skills training for LPCs will be held again on Tuesday 3rd June in Milton Keynes. The venue is Jury’s hotel which is 5 minutes’ walk from Milton Keynes Central station on the main line to London, the north west, and the midlands. There is also excellent access for  drivers.

Feedback comments from LPCs so far include: Learnt so much; hugely valuable; excellent training; very useful training- one of the most valuable I have been part of; would recommend this course to anyone. LPCs also found a really useful part of the day was  the chance to practice their newly acquired coaching skills on real issues affecting delegates.

The extra date is timed so that following the LPC elections new LPC members will have the opportunity to attend.

Event Information

Supporting contractors with services or other parts of the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework; helping contractors with changes to the Framework; supporting contractors who are underperforming on service delivery; LPC members and officers supporting each other – particularly new LPC members; LPC officers managing other office staff: these are just some of the instances where coaching and mentoring skills would be invaluable and help create a coaching culture in the LPC.

An LPC Secretary who already has and uses coaching skills said” Coaching the LPC to perform better by mentoring or recognising the individual’s skills – increasing self-esteem and confidence.
Coaching skills have come in handy when I have held full team building days to motivate them to sign up to tasks they are skilled to do. I have done a lot of contractor coaching on skill mix and help facilitate pharmacists to make the change in training and using ACTs – so I suppose increasing effectiveness of the business? ”

But what are the skills and qualities of a coach and mentor and how can they be used effectively? How can LPCs possibly manage to find time to do it properly?  If you are already doing some coaching/mentoring how do you know whether you are on the right track? 

Through this one day programme LPC delegates will learn and practice the skills needed to be an effective coach and mentor. LPC delegates will leave the course with greater confidence in their abilities and a clear idea of the areas they need to continue to develop. Mentoring draws on much of the skills needed in coaching with some essential differences and this course explores those differences in a day that also includes:

Coaching and Mentoring – what’s the difference?

  • When is a need a coaching need?
  • What coaching can do for individuals and the LPC
  • How to get the best out of people using coaching and mentoring
  • The essential skills and qualities of an effective coach and mentor
  • How to build coaching and mentoring  relationships
  • Coaching and mentoring – how do you know when its working
  • Using facilitation skills as part of mentoring and coaching
  • Coaching peers and group
  • Coaching in action : the GROW model

And of course there will be the opportunity to apply and practice coaching skills, and get feedback on performance to identify areas for improvement.

Leading the day

The facilitator for the training is Rachel Harrison. Rachel specialises in helping organisations and people to make change and move forward. Since 1997 Rachel has been consulting, coaching and training, researching and writing on management and leadership, organisational development, cross cultural communications, performance management, working with change and conflict resolution. She has an international portfolio and in the last 15 years has worked in 31 countries across Europe, USA and Africa.

Rachel has experience of consultancy and learning development across a broad range of sectors, multi-nationals, large public sector organisations, small and medium sized businesses and the third sector and offers particular experience in the healthcare industries.

She draws on an extensive background in arts, education and media to work innovatively and creatively. She is an excellent and very experienced facilitator of people.

Where and when

Tuesday 3rd June- Milton Keynes

There will be a maximum of 24 delegates.

How to register

The delegate fee is £145.

To book a place, please visit How to be an effective Coach and Mentor Booking.


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