Price concessions webinar

Tuesday, 5 March, 2019 7.30-8.30pm
Online (please register for link)

Mike Dent (Director of Pharmacy Funding) and Suraj Shah (Drug Tariff and Reimbursement Manager) will be hosting a PSNC webinar about price concessions on Tuesday 5th March at 7.30pm.

The webinar will help to address the following questions:

  • How are price concessions negotiated?
  • What is the impact of price concessions on overall funding?
  • What are the current challenges in setting price concessions?
  • How is PSNC working to improve the price concession system?

So if you want to better understand how the price concession system operates and PSNC’s work in this area, attending this webinar will provide some useful insights.

Watch the on-demand version of the Price concessions webinar here


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