PSNC Leadership Academy

Tuesday, 11 December, 2018

LPC Leaders: Working Together to Lead and Effect Change

Tuesday 11th December  2018 (10.30am-4pm) at the Melia White House, Albany Street, Regent´s Park London NW1 3UP

Bringing together experienced LPC officers, members and staff, all recognised as leaders in their LPC work: Leadership Academy Plus is a forum is for LPC leaders who have something to contribute; who want to listen; learn from and work with other LPC leaders from across the country.

Facilitated by Rachel Harrison who leads PSNC’s Leadership Academy, the event is for LPC officers, members and staff including LPC Chairs, Chief Officers, LPC work stream leads; people who are established and recognised as leaders in their LPC work.

Whether you have attended a Leadership Academy meeting before, or if it is your first one, if you are an LPC leader this event is for you.

What are we aiming to achieve?

At the end of the day delegates will have been able to:

Collaborate on strategic planning issues relevant to your LPC

Review and enhance personal leadership skills

Identify and action plan LPC challenges

Build productive networks and relationships

Between now and the day, please think about and be prepared to share with others some thoughts on good practice/bright ideas/your successes; plus think about the priority challenges for the year ahead both for your LPC and for community pharmacy.

Nearer the time we will contact delegates for you to shape the agenda; what are the critical issues for LPCs in 2019 and beyond that you want to work on with other LPC leaders?  Maybe it’s engaging with CCGs, STP or ICOs? What are the leadership skills you would most like to develop – peer coaching and mentoring perhaps?

It is your day and the agenda will be driven by what you need, with expert facilitation to give you plans and a wealth of ideas to take back to your LPC.



If you are an LPC leader and would like to be part of the day, please discuss with your LPC first, to ensure that you are registered by and with the support of your LPC.

To cover the meeting and facilitation costs there is a contribution of £140.

To ensure LPC leaders get the most out of the day the group size is limited to a maximum of 30 delegates. Early registration is advised.

Click here to register.


For more information about the day please contact Mike King, Head of LPC and Contractor Support.

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