PSNC Master Class – Market Entry Regulations

Tuesday, 30 April, 2013 10am to 4pm
Leeds, The Hilton City

Also running 8th May in London at Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, 10th May in London at Ambassadors Bloomsbury and 21st June in Manchester at Macdonald Manchester.

Now that LPCs have had a few months to work with the new regulations governing market entry and exit we are arranging two workshops for LPCs later in the year. The regulations master class will build on existing knowledge of the regulations from PSNC previous training and develop this with training specifically about how in practice LPCs need to apply their knowledge when consulted.

The day will include:

  • Implementation of the new market entry regulations- a reminder of the provisions and the lessons learnt so far
  • The PNA – the relevance of the PNA when considering contract applications;
  • The types of applications: what to take into account and what not to take into account when considering each type of application
  • Arranging meetings to consider contract applications – tips and pitfalls
  • Structuring the LPC response, and getting LPC sign-off
  • The LPC duty to advise contractors on the regulations; making sure the LPC office and members have the appropriate expertise and the liability if they get it wrong
  • How to respond to market exit and supporting the contractor involved
  • When to support, oppose or ‘sit on the fence’

The day will involve, presentations and discussions with practical exercises based on real applications (see below) to consider issues and put the theory into practice.  Although attendance on the previous PSNC regulations seminars would be an advantage it is not necessary. The day will be invaluable to both those with no training on the regulations and those LPCs members who have a good understanding (the summary of the provisions at the start will bring those with limited knowledge quickly up to speed and provide a refresher for others).

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