22 lines added to the DND list from November Drug Tariff

22 lines added to the DND list from November Drug Tariff

October 31, 2019

Following representation from PSNC, 22 new products will enter the Drugs for which Discount is Not Deducted (DND) list (Part II of the Drug Tariff) from 1st November 2019.

The assumed level of discount normally applied when community pharmacy contractors dispense medicines and appliances will no longer be applied to the following products:

  • Adempas tablets (ALL)
  • Alitretinoin capsules (ALL)
  • Aubagio 14mg tablets
  • Buserelin nasal spray (ALL)
  • Chenodeoxycholic acid 250mg capsules
  • Cialis 2.5mg tablets
  • Cialis 5mg tablets
  • Cialis 10mg tablets
  • Dolutegravir tablets (ALL)
  • Esbriet 267mg capsules
  • Esbriet tablets (ALL)
  • Exviera 250mg tablets
  • Imnovid capsules (ALL)
  • Melatonin 1mg/ml oral solution sugar free
  • Riociguat tablets (ALL)
  • Suprecur 150micrograms/dose nasal spray
  • Suprefact 100micrograms/dose nasal spray
  • Tafinlar capsules (ALL)
  • Tecfidera gastro-resistant capsules (ALL)
  • Tivicay tablets (ALL)
  • Toctino capsules (ALL)
  • Triumeq 50mg/600mg/300mg tablets

PSNC will continue to monitor lines that may meet DND entry criteria and welcome reports from contractors for products that meet the following criteria:

  • Schedule 2 or 3 Controlled Drug
  • HazChem
  • Cytotoxic or cytostatic item
  • Cold-chain storage item
  • Unlicensed Specials: which aren’t listed in Part VIIIB of the Drug Tariff
  • The three criteria: products where all three of the following criteria apply
    – the manufacturer, AAH and Alliance do not offer a discount
    – fewer than 500,000 items per year are dispensed
    – average net ingredient cost (NIC) per item is more than £50

Please send all enquiries to the PSNC Dispensing and Supply Team at: info@psnc.org.uk

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