Are you checking your flu vaccination payments?

Are you checking your flu vaccination payments?

January 29, 2019

Community pharmacy contractors who are providing the Flu Vaccination Advanced Service are reminded of the importance of checking payments for vaccinations they claimed for.

To mitigate any flu payment issues during the 2018/19 season, PSNC recommends that contractors take the following actions:

  1. If you are claiming using the paper form, ensure you are using the correct claim form, which can be downloaded from the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) website – failure to use the correct form will result in non-payment.
  2. If you are submitting claims using the digital webform, ensure you select the correct month to claim for. The URL sent to your shared NHSmail account can only be used once each month and any subsequent submissions for that claim month using the same URL will not be possible.
  3. If submitting by paper, make sure you are sending your flu claim form by the 5th of the following month in which the vaccinations were administered, along with your end of month prescription bundle.
  4. Although claims will be accepted within six months of the month they were administered in, it is good practice to submit claims as soon as possible to reduce the chances of error.
  5. Keep a copy of your flu claim form (if claiming via the paper claim form) or confirmation email (if claiming digitally) so that you can reconcile the claims against what the NHSBSA pays you.
  6. If you believe that the NHSBSA has made an error with your flu vaccination payments, contact them immediately to resolve any payment issues swiftly. They will endeavour to resolve your query as soon as they can; however, depending upon the nature of the query it may require referral to NHS England for a decision.

Don’t forget: IT platforms such as PharmOutcomes or Sonar may allow you to print out the flu claim form; however, you cannot submit electronic claims for payment using these platforms. You must submit your claim separately to the NHSBSA via the printed form or using the digital webform.

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