Ask PSNC: Pharmacy Quality Scheme FAQs


Ask PSNC: Pharmacy Quality Scheme FAQs

December 30, 2019

The team at PSNC has received a number of queries on the Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS). Below are some of the questions asked in recent weeks.

Q. I have completed Level 2 safeguarding training in the past; does this mean I meet the gateway criterion?
A. To meet this criterion you must have completed the Level 2 Safeguarding assessment within the last two years prior to the date of your PQS declaration. Although you may wish to undertake the full course again, only the completed assessment is required to enable you to achieve this criterion.

Q. Do I need to meet all six domains to be eligible for a PQS payment?
A. No. You must meet all the quality criteria in a domain to be able to claim for that domain (as well as meeting the gateway criteria). However, you do not need to achieve all six domains to receive a PQS payment.

Q. Does completion of the patient safety report replace the need to report patient safety incidents to the National Reporting and Learning Service (NRLS)?
A. No. Reporting patient safety incidents to the NRLS is a contractual responsibility and pharmacy teams should continue to do this.

Q. My pharmacy shares a building with another business which sells Sugar Sweetened Beverages (SSBs). Does this mean I won’t meet the SSB quality criterion?
A. The SSB quality criterion only applies to the pharmacy premises therefore it will be dependent on what is classed as pharmacy premises within the building. If, for example, the other business is not located on the registered pharmacy premises, then this will not affect your ability to meet this quality criterion.

Q. When can I make a declaration for a PQS payment?
A. The window for claiming a PQS payment on MYS is between 9am on 3rd February 2020 and 11:59pm on 28th February 2020. It is important not to miss this deadline as you will not be able to claim a PQS payment if you do.

Further FAQS can be found on the Pharmacy Quality Scheme FAQs page.

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