Brexit: Government increases funding allocation for no-deal preparations

Brexit: Government increases funding allocation for no-deal preparations

August 2, 2019

Chancellor Sajid Javid has announced the Treasury is making £2.1 billion available to prepare for a possible no-deal Brexit, with £434 million for the continuity of medicines supply.

With less than 100 days until the UK leaves the EU on 31st October 2019, HM Government has committed funding to help make sure that all industries and businesses are ready if we leave without a deal.

Whilst PSNC welcomes this announcement, it should be noted that the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has been working closely with representatives of medicines manufacturers and pharmacies for almost a year to put robust plans in place for a possible no-deal Brexit. DHSC’s multi-layered approach includes:

  • Securing additional roll-on, roll-off freight capacity away from Dover and Folkestone (seen as key pressure points) for goods to continue to come into the UK from 31st October;*
  • Building up buffer stocks and stockpiling (by DHSC and industry) in the UK before 31st October;
  • Buying extra warehouse space to hold additional stock;
  • Booking space on aeroplanes for products that require an immediate shipment due to short shelf-life or specific storage conditions;
  • Making changes to regulatory requirements so companies can continue to sell their products in the UK even if we have no deal; and
  • Strengthening the processes and resources used to deal with shortages in the event that they do occur despite everyone’s efforts.

*A call for bids for a position on the Freight Capacity Framework Agreement is currently underway.

The £434 million to ensure medicines continuity announced this week includes money that has already begun to be used to support some of the above. The rest will be allocated according to proposals put forward by DHSC to the Treasury, following discussion with industry representatives including PSNC.

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