Contractor notice: Clarification on dental prescription reimbursement

Contractor notice: Clarification on dental prescription reimbursement

September 20, 2019

It has come to PSNC’s attention that inaccurate information has been circulating about the processing and reimbursement of dental prescriptions (FP10D) with stamped drug information.

Some pharmacy teams have reported that they had heard that the NHS Business Service Authority (NHSBSA) ignores handwritten quantities on stamped prescriptions unless the quantity specified is initialled or countersigned by the prescriber. For example, it was reported that an FP10D stamped with ‘Sodium fluoride 0.619% dental paste sugar free’ with a handwritten quantity of 3 packs (and endorsed accordingly) would only be reimbursed as a single pack – this is incorrect. PSNC has confirmed with the NHSBSA that in this case the pharmacy would have been reimbursed for 3 packs, if endorsed accordingly.

The NHSBSA has confirmed that only amendments (i.e. the crossing out of one quantity and the addition of a new quantity) need to be countersigned; prescriptions with a handwritten quantity are not considered an amendment and pharmacy contractors would be reimbursed based on the prescribed quantity unless the dispenser endorsement indicates that a lesser quantity was supplied.

The scanning system and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) software used by NHSBSA to process prescriptions is only used to support the capture of data from the prescription, for example the prescriber ID, prescription form type, exemption status and details of the prescribed items. If the scanning process cannot determine this information with confidence, for example if the prescription contains handwritten elements, then the prescription will be referred to an exception handler who will enter the prescription details manually.


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