COVID-19 payments for July 2020

COVID-19 payments for July 2020

June 23, 2020

A number of COVID-19 related payments for community pharmacy contractors have been announced in recent months. Here we summarise how to claim for these payments (if required) and how each payment will be made for the month of July.

PSNC has made representations to Government about the immense pressure pharmacies are under and the need for an urgent funding injection to the sector to ease cashflow. In the meantime, some payment adjustments have been implemented for the required Bank Holidays, the Pandemic Delivery Service and the installation of protective barriers.

The table below provides claim details (where applicable) and other information for the agreed COVID-19 related payments:

Payment type Claim method Payment amount  Payment due How payment will appear on your Schedule of Payments 

Early May Bank Holiday Friday 8th May*


MYS portal

£250 per hour

(maximum £750 for opening of at least 3 hours)

Payment due on 1st  July if claimed using MYS by the 22nd  June This payment will not appear on the Schedule of Payment. NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) will issue individual letters to contractors who claimed via MYS informing them of payment.
Pandemic Delivery Service (Essential Service)** Automatic payment by NHSBSA Monthly – with first payment due on 1st  July Paid on the same line as Transitional Payment. It will show as a total figure.
Pandemic Delivery Service
(Advanced Service)**
MYS portal £6 (including VAT) per delivery Monthly – with first payment due on 1st July for deliveries made in April and claimed using MYS by the 5th May Payment will be listed as ‘Additional advance payment’ under section titled ‘Summary of Payment Amounts’
Adjustments to support social distancing e.g for installation of protective screens** NHSBSA claim form for contractors who did not automatically receive the £300 payment in May because they had to temporarily close their pharmacy for more than 2 weeks since 31st March and had made adjustments for social distancing prior to or after the closure. £300 Contractors will be paid at the earliest opportunity if claimed using the appropriate claim form by the 5th August This payment will not appear on the Schedule of Payment. NHSBSA will issue individual letters to contractors who claimed informing them of payment.

*Contractors who remained open on the Early May Bank Holiday (Friday 8th May) as per a local agreement with NHS England & Improvement (NHSE&I) should only claim for payment as outlined above for up to 3 hours per day based on the number of hours they were open. If they were open for more than 3 hours, the balance must be claimed from the regional team as per local agreement. Pharmacy contractors must not duplicate claims for the same opening hours by claiming on MYS and through local arrangements.
**Excludes distance -selling pharmacies

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