Contractor Notice: Final printed Drug Tariff in March 2021

Contractor Notice: Final printed Drug Tariff in March 2021

February 24, 2021

Pharmacy contractors are reminded that the Drug Tariff for March 2021 (published today 24 February 2021) will be the final printed version to be distributed by the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA). In the November 2020 Drug Tariff, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) made the announcement  that from April 2021, pharmacy contractors will only be able to access the Drug Tariff online. The move to make the Drug Tariff paperless forms part of NHSBSA’s commitment to digital transformation and the NHS Long Term Plan.

Pharmacy contractors that have a registered email address with the NHSBSA will continue to receive a link to the PDF copy of the Drug Tariff each month. Should any issues arise in receiving a link to the PDF version of the Drug Tariff at the registered email address, pharmacy teams can contact NHSBSA at the following email address: This email address can also be used by pharmacy teams to request addition of an email address to the circulation list.

Digital formats (an electronic and PDF version) of the Drug Tariff will continue to be available via the NHSBSA website three working days before the 1st of each month. The PDF format of the Drug Tariff is a duplicate of the printed Drug Tariff which can be downloaded and used offline (for example on a smartphone or tablet device). Pharmacy teams not currently using the PDF version should familiarise themselves with this format ahead of the move to digital only versions. PSNC advise downloading a PDF copy each month to ensure that it can be easily accessed and recommend using the search function (Ctrl+F) to locate any specific information contained in the Drug Tariff. The electronic Drug Tariff is different to the PDF version as it has no page numbers and requires a continuous connection to the internet. Any reference to page numbers in the electronic Tariff should be cross-referenced with the PDF version.

Each month, PSNC publishes the following updates showing the latest changes to the Drug Tariff:

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