Contractor Notice: SSP submission reminder

Contractor Notice: SSP submission reminder

November 5, 2019

To ensure correct reimbursement, pharmacy teams should ensure that all Electronic Reimbursement Endorsement Messages (EREMs) or EPS claim notification messages, tokens and/or paper FP10 forms with SSP claims are submitted to NHSBSA in a timely manner.

If SSP claims are submitted electronically, the Dispense Notification (DN) message should be submitted during the period of SSP validity. Pharmacy teams should take into account the EPS 5 day window and EPS submission timing when sending the EREMs ie submit claim message no later than the 5th of the month following supply. Should the pharmacy for whatever reason be unable to get the Dispense Notification message in time for the last day of the calendar month (e.g because of a computer outage of for another reason), contractors are advised to use the corresponding EPS token for making and submitting an SSP claim. Any tokens along with all paper prescriptions with SSP claims must be placed in a red separator and dispatched to the relevant division of the NHSBSA by the 5th of the month following that in which supply was made.

Submission of prescriptions containing both SSP(s) and non-SSP(s)

Contractors have to submit their claim for the SSPs in the usual manner, i.e. by the 5th of the month following that in which supply was made . However, any prescriptions with mixed (SSP and non-SSP items) may be claimed up to three months after the SSP expires to help deal with claims for any owings on the prescription. Using the example of SSP01 which expired 25 October, the final cut-off for submission to be reimbursed for this SSP would be with your December bundle (submitted by the 5th of January).

Please note that SSPs cannot be supplied past the period of SSP validity. Any other items on the prescription (such as an owing) can continue to be dispensed as usual but must be submitted for payment within three months of expiry of the SSP.

If submitting your claim using the EPS dispensing tokens, you must ensure your electronic reimbursement message is marked ‘ND’ or ‘Not Dispensed’.


To ensure correct payments (fees and reimbursement) are made for any supplies made against these SSPs, a community pharmacy contractor is required to endorse on the paper prescription, or where issued using the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), endorse on the electronic prescription or alternatively using the dispensing token (as outlined in Part II of the Drug Tariff) the following information:

  • NCSO – to indicate that the supply was made in accordance with an SSP;
  • Details of product supplied in accordance with the SSP (drug name, quantity, strength, formulation, supplier name or brand)*;
  • Quantity supplied*;
  • Pack size – best practice where multiple pack sizes are available; and
  • Invoice price – only if NHSBSA has no list-price available on dm+d.

*The drug details and quantity supplied and endorsed will depend on the relevant SSP.

PSNC’s support guidance to endorsing Fluoxetine SSPs, click here.

NHSBSA’s support guidance to endorsing Fluoxetine SSPs, click here.

All paper FP10 forms and EPS tokens (only where using the token for endorsement purposes) should be placed in the front of the red separator for the end-of-month submission bundle. 


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