Contractor reminder: are you claiming your flu vaccination payments?

Contractor reminder: are you claiming your flu vaccination payments?

October 30, 2018

As the second month of the Flu Vaccination Service 2018/19 comes to an end, community pharmacy contractors are reminded of the need to submit their claims in a timely manner for any vaccines administered during October 2018.

PSNC recommends that contractors take the following actions:

  1. If you are claiming using the paper form, ensure you are using the correct claim form, which can be downloaded from the NHS BSA website – failure to use the correct form will result in non-payment;
  2. Ensure you submit your flu claim by the 5th of the month following that in which the vaccinations were administered;
  3. If you are submitting claims using the digital webform, ensure you select the correct month to claim for, as each unique URL will be valid for a single submission and subsequent submissions for that claim month using the same URL will not be possible. To claim for vaccines administered in October 2018, ensure you have selected the October calendar month, accessing the webform via the unique URL received by email on 1st November 2018; and
  4. Keep a copy of your flu claim form (if claiming via the paper claim form) or confirmation email (if claiming digitally) so that you can reconcile the claims against what the NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA) pays you.

Don’t forget: IT platforms such as PharmOutcomes or Sonar may allow you to print out the flu claim form; however, you cannot submit electronic claims for payment using these platforms. You must submit your claim separately to the NHS BSA via the printed form or using the digital webform.

Enhancements made to the digital flu claims process

Over 3,000 digital flu claims were received by the NHS BSA during the month of October. Based on feedback from contractors, the NHS BSA has made several enhancements to the digital flu claims submission process for October claims to make it as straightforward as possible.

Monthly overview report for flu vaccination claims

Community pharmacy contractors who are planning to submit their flu vaccination payment claims digitally can request a monthly overview flu claim submission report from the NHS BSA; this can be requested for an individual pharmacy or for all pharmacies in a payment group.

Requests for a monthly report should be sent as soon as possible to the helpdesk at, stating the ODS code (or ODS codes if the request is for more than one pharmacy) and the job title of the person requesting the report. For head offices of pharmacy multiples, the Y Code should also be provided.

Please note, if you want to receive the report on a recurring monthly basis, please state this in the email requesting the report.

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