Contractor reminder: Don’t forget to claim for your flu vaccination payments

Contractor reminder: Don’t forget to claim for your flu vaccination payments

September 30, 2019

As the first month of the Flu Vaccination Service 2019/20 comes to an end, community pharmacy contractors are reminded of the need to submit their claims in a timely manner for any vaccines administered during September 2019.

Claims for payments must be made using the NHS Business Services Authority’s (NHSBSA) Manage Your Service (MYS) application. Contractors are required to register to access MYS.

IMPORTANT: IT platforms such as PharmOutcomes or Sonar may allow you to print out the flu claim form; however, you cannot submit electronic flu claims for payment using these platforms. You must submit your claims separately to NHSBSA via MYS only. Flu claims submitted using a paper claim form will NO longer be accepted for payment.

PSNC recommends that contractors take the following actions:

  1. Register for MYS as soon as possible, if not already done so.
  2. Although claims will be accepted within six months of the month they were administered in (or by 31st August 2020, whichever is the earlier), it is good practice to submit claims as soon as possible to reduce the chances of error.
  3. Reconcile the declared number of flu claims submitted using MYS against the Schedule of Payment.
  4. If you believe that NHSBSA has made an error with your flu vaccination payments, contact them immediately to resolve any payment issues swiftly. They will endeavour to resolve your query as soon as they can; however, depending upon the nature of the query it may require referral to NHS England and NHS Improvement for a decision.

Monthly overview report for flu vaccination claims

Contractors or users with management level access to MYS can access the flu management information (MI) reports directly from the portal to provide information about any claims submitted over a defined period. The MI report can be generated at company level to view flu claim activity across all branches. Contact the MYS helpdesk at if you require assistance with management level access.

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