Contractors asked to take part in second PSNC Pharmacy Advice Audit


Contractors asked to take part in second PSNC Pharmacy Advice Audit

January 13, 2021

Community pharmacy contractors and their teams are being asked to take part in a second PSNC Pharmacy Advice Audit later this month (January 2021).

PSNC is increasingly concerned about the pressures that pharmacy teams are under during the COVID-19 pandemic and also about reports that general practice teams are referring patients to pharmacies for consultations informally, rather than via the agreed Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) route.

This audit will provide a critical temperature check – the data will allow PSNC to quantify how many unfunded GP referrals are taking place, and it will tell us more about impact that COVID-19 is having on pharmacy teams and on the advice that patients are seeking from you. This will provide crucial evidence for our ongoing funding discussions with HM Government and the NHS.

As last summer, pharmacies taking part will be asked to record data about patients coming into pharmacies seeking informal advice, but contractors will notice some changes to the questions this time around to give us data on more topical issues, including on pharmacy resilience. We are interested to get a sense of how significant workload and staffing pressures are currently.

Full instructions on how to take part will be available next week following a road-test by ten pharmacies currently taking place. The testing will help us to ensure that the audit is as straightforward for pharmacy teams as it can be.

The audit week will commence on 25th January and as before pharmacies will be asked to carry it out on a single day within that week. We would be hugely grateful to anyone able to take part in this audit.

Further information and resources can be found at:

PSNC Business Continuity Lead, Richard Brown said:

“The PSNC Pharmacy Advice Audit provided some really useful data over the summer and I’m confident that we can repeat that success. We are making the audit as easy as possible for contractors to complete and also bringing it forward so that pharmacies can get this in before the sector’s role in the COVID-19 vaccination programme is ramped up as we hope it will be.”

PSNC Chief Executive, Simon Dukes said:

“In the past year at PSNC we have significantly upscaled our data-driven bids to Government – this must continue, as we know that HM Treasury will offer us no favours, and that data is the only language they speak.

“I know that taking part in an audit is a huge amount to ask when you are as busy as most pharmacies are, but all of this will provide valuable data to strengthen our evidence to officials and Ministers: if you are able to take part, we would be extremely grateful, and your hard work will certainly be used to help us to make your case.”


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