COVID-19: Updated public information posters

COVID-19: Updated public information posters

June 10, 2020

Public Health England (PHE) has updated the set of Coronavirus (COVID-19) posters for use in pharmacies. These include an updated poster to advise on maintaining a 2m distance from others, a poster that should be displayed so it is visible to people seeking to enter the premises, and a poster pharmacies can use if they are working behind closed doors for part of the day:

These can all be downloaded from the PHE campaign resources hub. Any previously issued posters should be removed from display and be replaced by the above posters.

The PHE campaign resources hub also has additional posters in the coronavirus campaigns section that can be used to highlight the latest Government messaging (staying alert to symptoms and staying alert to the risk of infection) and the new NHS Test and Trace programme. Contractors may wish to use these to promote awareness of the wider COVID-19 response.

Face covering

As announced by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, from 15th June, the use of ‘face coverings’ becomes mandatory in England when using public transport and should also be worn by all hospital visitors and outpatients from this date. NHS England and NHS Improvement has also published a letter indicating that the guidance will also apply to other NHS healthcare settings, including primary care. Further guidance is expected to be published this week by Public Health England. As part of risk management, PSNC has designed a poster template that contractors can use, if they deem it appropriate, to encourage patients to wear face coverings when in the pharmacy.

Update: PSNC previously issued a poster advising patients to wear face coverings, but this has been withdrawn whilst we await official PHE/NHS posters reflecting updated Government guidance. We will update contractors when new posters are available.

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