CPCF Roadshow continues with Southampton and Bristol


CPCF Roadshow continues with Southampton and Bristol

September 3, 2019

Following the announcement of a five-year deal on the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF), PSNC is holding a series of Sunday roadshow events for community pharmacists across England.

The Roadshow continues this Sunday (8th September) with events being held in Southampton and Bristol, so there is not long left to secure a place.

What the Roadshow offers

The events, hosted by PSNC Chief Executive Simon Dukes and his team, aim to help community pharmacy teams to learn about the deal, share their opinions and ask questions. By hearing directly from members of PSNC’s Negotiating Team, attendees will gain insights into how this agreement was reached and what it means for pharmacies.

They will also provide an opportunity to explore what the future holds for your pharmacy; to help prepare yourself and your team for that; and to hold PSNC to account for the decisions it has made.

The Roadshow will visit 12 venues on 7 successive Sundays, taking in all the English regions and finishing at the Pharmacy Show on 6th October. Whilst events are free to attend, community pharmacists and their teams are asked to register in advance.

Register to attend the CPCF Roadshow now

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