CPCS countdown starts – are you ready for 29th Oct?

CPCS countdown starts – are you ready for 29th Oct?

October 22, 2019

The NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) starts in seven days’ time, so pharmacy contractors that have already registered to provide the service only have a few days to make sure their team is ready to provide the service.

The CPCS Toolkit, available to download from the NHSBSA website, includes the key information and resources that pharmacy teams need to get ready to provide the service. The following checklist provides a reminder of the key things to cover off before next Tuesday.

  1. All pharmacists have read the CPCS service specification and the pharmacy’s Standard Operating Procedure for the service;
  2. All pharmacists are aware of the information within the CPCS toolkit and know where to access the toolkit when needed;
  3. Pharmacists are familiar with and feel competent to provide care for patients presenting with referral conditions listed in Annex D of the service specification. Pharmacists, including locums, who will be providing the service can use the CPPE self-assessment tool to inform their training needs;
  4. The wider pharmacy team understand what the service is and how it will work. The NHS 111 animation for call advisers is a useful resource to provide an overview of the service to pharmacy team members. You can watch it on the PSNC website CPCS hub page;
  5. The pharmacy team have a process in place to check for referrals from NHS 111 at appropriate intervals;
  6. The pharmacy team have logon credentials to access the CPCS IT system (Sonar, in London and PharmOutcomes across the rest of England) and know how to use the system. The system suppliers are making user guides available to pharmacy teams;
  7. The pharmacy team have access to the pharmacy’s NHSmail shared mailbox on every day the pharmacy is open;
  8. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can access the NHS Summary Care Record;
  9. Locums or relief pharmacists are able to readily access the CPCS service specification, SOP and toolkit and have their own logon credentials for the CPCS IT system and NHSmail shared mailbox for the pharmacy (or another member of staff can access the shared mailbox); and
  10. A completed copy of the Key Contact Details list for the service (Annex C of the service specification) is included within the SOP and is readily available within the pharmacy.

Claiming payment for the CPCS

Once the service starts, all payments must be claimed via the NHSBSA Manage Your Service (MYS) portal; no paper-based claims process is available for the service. The CPCS IT system (Sonar or PharmOutcomes) will be able to pre-populate claim information in MYS each month, so that the contractor then just needs to login to MYS at the start of the following month to confirm that the information is correct and to submit the claim.

NHS England and NHS Improvement have agreed with PSNC that claims for referrals received from October 29th – 31st 2019 will be incorporated into the November 2019 submission claim.


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