DMS: Frequently Asked Questions (2)

DMS: Frequently Asked Questions (2)

February 17, 2021

The Discharge Medicines Service (DMS) commenced as a new Essential service which all pharmacies must provide earlier this week (15th February 2021).

Pharmacy contractors and their teams will find information on the service and links to guidance and resources to help them provide the service on our DMS webpage.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions on the service on the DMS FAQs webpage and a selection of the questions posed to PSNC over the last few weeks are included below.

Q. What is the minimum information which should be included in the hospital referral (the minimum dataset)?
DMS referrals from Trusts should contain the following information, as a minimum:

  • The demographic and contact details of the person and their registered general practice (including their NHS number and their hospital Medical Record Number);
  • The medicines being used by the patient at discharge (including prescribed, over‑the‑counter and specialist medicines, as there may be medicines interactions), including the name, strength, form, dose, timing, frequency and planned duration of treatment for all and the reason for prescribing;
  • How the medicines are taken and what they are being taken for;
  • Changes to medicines, including medicines started or stopped, or dosage changes, and reason for the change; and
  • Contact details for the referring clinician or hospital department, to use where the pharmacy has a query.

Ideally, the referral should also contain the hospital’s Organisation Data Service (ODS) code.

Q. Can I provide the DMS and make a claim for completion of the service if the referral from the Trust does not include all of the mandatory information?
Yes. The service must be provided where a referral is made, but where essential information is missing from the referral, the contractor will need to contact the Trust to obtain that information. Where mandatory information is missing from a referral, this should be noted in the summary information which is reported to the NHSBSA as part of the contractor’s claim via the MYS portal. This reporting will provide data to help the NHS to address any frequent missing referral data issues at Trusts.

Q. How do I provide the service if I haven’t got access to an IT system to make my clinical records?
The DMS service requirements say appropriate records must be made in the PMR or other suitable system, which could include PharmOutcomes, other IT systems or paper records. Additionally, summary information needs to be reported to the NHSBSA as part of the contractor’s claim via the MYS portal. As with other MYS claims, it will be possible for the data to be manually inputted into MYS in order to make the claim.

A DMS worksheet is available from our main DMS webpage which can be used to make clinical records, including the necessary information which needs to be reported to the NHSBSA. Using this worksheet and annotating the patient’s PMR, so all staff know they have had a DMS referral, will allow the service to be provided in line with the contractual requirements, where IT system functionality to make such records is not available to the pharmacy.

Q. What information do contractors have to report to the NHSBSA via MYS for each provision of DMS?
The DMS summary information has to be reported to the NHSBSA as part of the contractor’s claim via the MYS portal. This data will help demonstrate the impact of the service and it will be used by the NHS in its evaluation of the DMS. Additionally, the data will trigger the payment to the contractor for provision of the service. A DMS MYS module has been built by the NHSBSA and this will be added to MYS in time for contractors to make their first claims for the service in early March 2021.

If contractors use the PSNC DMS worksheet to make their clinical records for the service, they will also be recording all the information that they will need to add to MYS, when the service is complete and they make their claim.

Q. When do I claim a payment for the DMS?
Payment claims are made by submission of the DMS summary information via the MYS portal and they must be made no later than the 5th day of the month following that in which the DMS was completed. Claims should be made once for service has been fully completed (stages 1, 2 and 3) or when it has been partially completed and no further stages of the service can be provided, e.g. because the patient has been readmitted to hospital.

Q. Will patients living in care homes be offered a referral to the DMS?
If the staff at a Trust believe a patient who ordinarily lives in a care home would benefit from a DMS referral, then like any other patient, a referral may be offered to them. It is also possible that Trust staff will refer care home patients to the Primary Care Network clinical pharmacy team that provide support to the care home where the patient lives.


Read more DMS FAQs


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