Download the new NHS Prescription Charge Cards

Download the new NHS Prescription Charge Cards

March 10, 2021

Following the recent announcement of the rise in NHS prescription charges to £9.35 from 1st April 2021, PSNC has designed NHS Prescription Charge Cards to print and display in community pharmacies. PSNC has produced two versions of the 2021/22 charge cards as downloadable PDFs:

Prescription charge card 2021/22 (colour)

Prescription charge card 2021/22 (black and white)

In addition to the increase in prescription charges, the cost of prescription pre-payment certificates (PPCs) will also increase from 1 April 2021. The price of a three-month PPC goes up to £30.25 (an increase of 60 pence) and a 12-month PPC goes up to £108.10 (an increase of £2.20). PPCs offer savings for those needing four or more items in three months, or 12 or more items in a year.

Prescription charge type Current charge (up to 31st March 2021) New charge (1st April 2021 onwards)
Single charge (per prescription item) £9.15 £9.35
3-month PPC £29.65 £30.25
12-month PPC £105.90 £108.10


Q. Do I need to display a notice about the NHS prescription charge?

A. Yes, it is part of the NHS Terms of Service to have an up to date notice about the NHS prescription charge displayed in the prescription reception area. For further information, please see the clinical governance premises approved particulars.

Q. If a prescription was dispensed before the 1st April but the patient does not collect items until after the 1st April, should the patient pay the old or the new prescription charge rate?

A. There is no national guidance on this issue so pharmacy staff will be required to exercise their professional judgement. Whatever decision is taken, pharmacy staff are advised to keep a record of the amount charged and the reasons for doing so on the PMR.

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