Endorsing non-Part VIII EPS items

Endorsing non-Part VIII EPS items

August 14, 2020

PSNC and the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) have been receiving more contractor queries about electronic prescriptions endorsed without the necessary product and pack size information for drugs not listed in Part VIII of the Drug Tariff. This follows an increase in usage of the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) which has occurred over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

EPS prescriptions submitted without the necessary information lead to prescription returns (referred backs) and delays in payment.

The most common reason for EPS prescription returns is where the prescription was for a non-Part VIII product and the prescription hasn’t been endorsed with a required invoice price e.g. for less common items for which NHSBSA holds no price.

Endorsement information required

When dispensing a drug that is not listed in Part VIII of the Drug Tariff, contractors are reminded the EPS message must include:

  • the quantity dispensed (if different to the quantity prescribed);
  • the pack size used; and
  • the brand name or name of the manufacturer or wholesaler from whom the supply was purchased (if the order is in the ‘generic’ or pharmacopeial form).

Much or all this information may be automatically added by your confirmation of the actual medicinal product pack (AMPP) which was dispensed. The process for submitting this information using different PMR systems can vary. Your PMR website or PMR help/guidance documents can also assist you.

Some PMR suppliers have added prompts so that users will add all information required by the NHSBSA. Such prompts may reduce the number of EPS returns you’ll receive. Read more about providing feedback to your supplier at: psnc.org.uk/reportIT.

Endorsing non-Part VIII EPS items

Some example scenarios for EPS endorsing when: NHSBSA hold a price, a price endorsement is required or the AMPP cannot be selected:

1. Endorsing by selection of AMPP (if a price held by NHSBSA)

Your PMR may enable you to add the relevant information to the EPS message by selecting the AMPP which you dispensed.

NHSBSA will price using the dm+d reimbursement price, regardless of whether an invoice price is endorsed.

Contractors should ensure that the correct AMPP is selected as dispensed, as endorsement of the wrong product or pack size could result in reimbursement for a product different to what was originally supplied. For example, if you inadvertently endorse the first entry in the ‘pick list’ you will be reimbursed for that product, even if you dispense a different product at a different price.

2. Endorsing Invoice Price (IP) (if no price held by NHSBSA)

For those non-Part VIII items which NHSBSA holds no price, the endorsement should also include the pack size Invoice Price (IP)

This enables NHSBSA to calculate the overall price even if you have supplied a quantity different from a complete pack. When adding an invoice price endorsement to an AMPP, contractors should ensure that both match the pack size supplied.

3. AMPP not listed on dm+d

If a product or pack size dispensed is not listed in dm+d, contractors should return the prescribed product (the generically prescribed virtual medicinal product (VMP)) and an invoice price endorsement including price, pack size and supplier details.

On occasion, products may be listed on dm+d but not updated on PMR systems. This could prevent users from being able to select and dispense an AMPP. If there is a dm+d mapping or listing error, contractors should follow reporting process outlined at the dm+d webpage.

Read more at: Endorsing and EPS endorsing.

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