EPS Phase 4 rolled out to over 90% of GP practices

EPS Phase 4 rolled out to over 90% of GP practices

October 5, 2020

Following the previous announcements, NHS Digital has now rolled out EPS Phase 4 to all GP practices using the TPP SystmOne GP and EMIS systems, so all community pharmacy teams should be aware that they will start to receive more EPS Phase 4 tokens from patients to process.

NHS Digital supported the rollout of EPS Phase 4 to many more practices to support patients in getting their medicines during what is expected to be a busy winter for all healthcare providers. Following the Autumn Phase 4 rollout, more than 90% of GP practices now have prescribing systems which can send Phase 4 prescriptions.

Under Phase 4, electronic prescriptions have become the default, thereby reducing the amount of paper generated and making the process more COVID-safe. More than 90% of prescriptions being processed by community pharmacy contractors are already EPS ones but, as more GP practices continue to familiarise themselves with Phase 4 over the coming weeks, pharmacy teams will see the majority of hand-signed FP10s issued by GPs replaced by Phase 4 tokens.

Whilst Phase 4 does not require patients to nominate a pharmacy, using EPS with a nomination is still the preferred and most efficient option, so it is recommended that pharmacy teams continue to encourage their patients to nominate a pharmacy. EPS nomination numbers have been on the rise over the course of the pandemic.

One off-nomination is another alternative for GP practices to use instead of generating non-nominated prescriptions. The one off-nomination feature is now available for GP practices with SystmOne or EMIS.

Read more and learn tips for processing EPS Phase 4 during the pandemic on our dedicated Phase 4 webpage.


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