Further support materials for contractors added to COVID-19 hub page

Further support materials for contractors added to COVID-19 hub page

March 20, 2020

PSNC has updated its hub for community pharmacy teams on the COVID-19 coronavirus to include new business continuity guidance and details of measures to support contractors.

Advice and information on shared care clients, nursing and care home patients, and providing Multi-compartment Compliance Aids (MCAs) has today been added to the business continuity section of the hub.

These documents have been drafted to help pharmacies assess their business mix and decide how they can improve their dispensary efficiency, whilst still supporting their most vulnerable patients, in the event of multiple members of staff being off work to COVID-19.

Other sections of PSNC’s COVID-19 hub include:

  • Contractor guidance and support;
  • Personal protective Equipment (PPE);
  • Information for the public;
  • Supply of medicines; and
  • What PSNC is doing.

Other sections will be added in due course.

The information and guidance in this hub will be updated as more details are released. We are currently working on a number of other resources which we hope to be able to publish in the coming days and weeks, such as a series of FAQs based on the questions that pharmacy teams and LPCs have been sending in.

LPC support

Additional support is being made for LPCs to help them in their key role in coordinating local efforts to the COVID-19 response.

Richard Brown, CEO of Avon LPC, has joined the PSNC team on a part-time basis. He will focus on the excellent support that LPCs are currently providing and what more we can give to contractors. He will be working closely with PSNC’s policy team here to work up solutions for the sector, looking particularly at the operational side of things. Richard has a wealth of experience in community pharmacy, including supporting businesses to operate as efficiently as possible and work throughout the Swine Flu pandemic.

Richard has launched a COVID-19 Rapid Action Team comprising an LPC Chief Officer to represent every region of England.  The group will meet twice a week to capture queries / feedback / questions from the field plus gather great ideas about how community pharmacy teams are dealing with the pandemic.

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