Future of pharmacy animation is launched

Future of pharmacy animation is launched

April 30, 2019

PSNC has today (30th April) launched a video animation explaining how community pharmacies are likely to fit into the NHS of the future.

As well as showcasing the work that pharmacies already do, the video describes the transformation that community pharmacies will need to undertake over the coming months and years.

PSNC has based the video on the ambitions for community pharmacy that have been set out by NHS England and the Government; we are continuing to work closely with AIM, CCA, NPA and the RPS as well as the LPCs to influence these plans and to find ways to make them work for the sector.

The Government has made clear through the NHS Long Term Plan and GP Contract that it wants to better utilise the skills and reach of community pharmacy. However, this will require the sector to embrace a series of changes which we must start planning for now.

In particular, the emergence of Primary Care Networks (PCNs) – which must be formed by July 2019 – will bring changes for all healthcare providers working in the community, and it will be up to everyone in community pharmacy to ensure that our sector is included in these important emerging structures. Contractors and LPCs will need to be proactive in talking to one another to coordinate engagement with local GPs and PCNs, supported by PSNC and the other national community pharmacy representative bodies.

PSNC is in contact with NHS England and GP representatives to highlight the role that community pharmacies can play in PCNs. National messaging to GPs will encourage them to ensure that pharmacies are kept in the loop once PCNs are formed.

Our animation gives community pharmacies four action points to consider:

  1. Start a conversation with other local pharmacies about how to collaborate within PCNs;
  2. Together with other pharmacies and your LPC, talk to local GPs about their plans for the future;
  3. Take all opportunities for further training and to provide services; and
  4. Make contact with your LPC.

PSNC has created a resources list to help contractors to start working towards these points, and we will add to this as we develop new resources over the coming months.

Reaching out to stakeholders

The animation will also be a useful tool to help raise awareness of the value of community pharmacy teams and the services they can offer, both now and in the future.

PSNC will use the animation in conversations with national stakeholders, and LPCs and pharmacy teams are encouraged to share it with local commissioners, politicians, charities and patient groups (on social media, please use the hashtag #futureofpharmacy).

There is also a specific cut of the animation suitable for wider stakeholder groups which you can download below.

PSNC Statement

Simon Dukes, PSNC Chief Executive, said:

“It is clear that NHS England wants to make better use of the clinical skills of community pharmacists to help to deliver the NHS Long Term Plan. But we must also not underestimate the challenges that lie ahead for community pharmacy: there will be much to do to find new ways of working that release the capacity needed for these new roles.

Our aim with this animation is to highlight the changes that lie ahead for community pharmacies. We hope the video will help community pharmacy owners to understand what the future is likely to hold, but also show them how they can give themselves the best chances of early success in the evolving NHS landscape.

The first step to take for pharmacy owners is to start conversations with other local pharmacy businesses. Working out together how you can collectively engage with your local general practitioners and emerging Primary Care Networks (PCNs) must be the goal. Supported by PSNC, LPCs will be there to help, and we will continue to work with AIM, CCA, NPA and the RPS to influence nationally and to offer as much support as we can, but the process must be driven at a local population level: as we move towards a more local-focused delivery of healthcare we will need everyone in community pharmacy to play their part.”

PSNC’s animation

Help to promote pharmacy using PSNC’s animation

LPCs and pharmacy teams are encouraged to share the animation with local commissioners, politicians, charities and patient groups. You can show the animation at meetings directly from the PSNC website, but if you need access to a downloadable version, please email: commsteam@psnc.org.uk

On social media, please use the hashtag #futureofpharmacy

We have created some draft tweets to help promote the animation on social media.

You can also download two shorter versions of the animation which are suitable to embed on social media:

Find out more about the action points in PSNC’s animation

Find out more about Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

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