Have you completed your Data Security and Protection (IG) toolkit?


Have you completed your Data Security and Protection (IG) toolkit?

March 21, 2019

Community pharmacy contractors are reminded that they must complete the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (previously called the ‘IG Toolkit’) by Sunday 31st March 2019.

Completion of the 70 mandatory questions about their pharmacy’s Information Governance (IG) policies and procedures is required as part of the Terms of Service. Those contractors who have not yet completed the Data Security and Protection Toolkit are therefore encouraged to do so as soon as possible.

Whilst 75% of pharmacy contractors have already registered to use the Toolkit, only half of these have published the assessment.*

PSNC has produced the following guidance materials to assist contractors in completing the Toolkit. These have been updated as further information became available.

Answering technical questions

Please use our question-by-question guidance to complete the mandatory questions, including the technical ones.

Contractors are advised not to wait for their PMR supplier to use the new feature to bulk insert answers for technical questions. As this feature only became available a few weeks ago, it is now unlikely that PMR suppliers will have enough time to use the process for this year.

If contractors need additional help answering the technical questions, they may wish to contact their supplier who should be able to provide the required information.

 *Please note this figure is correct as of 20th March 2019. 

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