Have you signed-up to use NHS Service Finder?

Have you signed-up to use NHS Service Finder?

November 11, 2020

NHS Service Finder is a free online search tool which provides access to information from the Directory of Services (DoS) and nhs.uk.

It is not accessible by the public, but it does allow pharmacy team members and other healthcare professionals to search for service information quickly, allowing a patient to be signposted to the most appropriate service for their needs. The system includes maps and directions to the services, plus the ability to email service information directly to your patient.

This tool also enables pharmacy teams to look-up non-public telephone numbers (where available) for listed services, such as general practices.

Top tip about signing up: Sign-up now and bookmark the webpage (https://finder.directoryofservices.nhs.uk/) so you can return to it quickly.

Commenting on his use of NHS Service Finder, Sunil Kochhar, community pharmacy contractor and PSNC Regional Representative said:

“Due to the pressures of COVID-19 on pharmacy team members, NHS Service Finder has helped our team become more efficient in communicating with GP practices.

Lockdown has contained people inside a bubble and we have found that new patients coming to us may not be with a GP practice that we know. The NHS Service Finder lists non-public phone numbers which has reduced our call waiting times with GP practices by an average of 20 minutes. This enables my team to better support patient care and resolve emergencies around medicines more quickly.”

Find out more about NHS Service finder:

PSNC NHS Service Finder factsheet

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