Improvements made to Check34 analysis tool

Improvements made to Check34 analysis tool

January 26, 2016

Following feedback from community pharmacy contractors who use the Check34 prescription payment analysis tool, some changes have been made to help contractors to get even more out of the system.

Firstly, the red/amber/green traffic light system has been revised so that good results are now coded blue instead of red (‘good’ means where the figure for the month appears above the trend line and higher than the 90% confidence limit).

Those who use the reporting tool on a regular basis to extract figures will be pleased to hear that they can now print out key performance indicator (KPI) graphs directly as well as being able to save their search criteria, allowing them to pull off the same report month after month without having to rekey all the parameters.

Also, for single pharmacy accounts, the KPI dashboard can now display as the homepage when the account user first signs in. To set this up simply go to your Profile (in the drop-down menu next to your user name) and select this option. To go to the administration area, use the link in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

Click here for more information on the Check34 analysis tool.

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