Integrating community pharmacy in new models of care

Integrating community pharmacy in new models of care

July 7, 2017

An integration survey carried out by PSNC, Pharmacy Voice and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society has found that the contribution of the community pharmacy sector has not been fully explored during the development of the 44 Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) across the country.

The survey of LPCs, carried out in December 2016, suggested that fruitful relationships between community pharmacy representatives and those leading STPs and New Care Models were far from widespread, with significant differences in levels of engagement by region.

Findings from the Community Pharmacy Integration Survey

The findings have been used to identify areas where community pharmacy is well embedded in developing care structures, and give information about the challenges encountered where it is not, so that lessons can be learned and examples of best practice can be shared.

The survey will also help the national pharmacy bodies to make the case for greater community pharmacy involvement in local strategic planning and service redesign, and demonstrate how this can be achieved.

The data gathered confirms the considerable variation in the sector’s level of involvement, with some LPCs making good use of strong local relationships whilst others have tried to link into these developments with little or no success.

Summaries of the survey have been produced both for LPCs and for use with external stakeholders. The national community pharmacy organisations will also continue to work to support LPCs with local engagement. For example, this week a PSNC webinar heard best practice examples from LPCs in areas where engagement with new care organisations is going well.


Read the Report of the Integration Survey for LPCs

Read the Report of the Integration Survey for external audiences

Listen to the PSNC Webinar

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