IT platform launched for Flu Vaccination Service patient questionnaire responses

IT platform launched for Flu Vaccination Service patient questionnaire responses

September 2, 2018

NHS England has launched an IT platform to enable patient questionnaires from the Flu Vaccination Service to be completed electronically either by the patient themselves or with help from the pharmacy team.

The IT platform allows patient questionnaire details to be recorded in a number of ways including:

  • completing the questionnaire online – a tablet device could be used in the pharmacy (if available) and the patient could input their responses;
  • using a QR code to access the questionnaire if the patient has a smart phone with a QR code reader App installed on it;
  • providing the patient with a compliments slip detailing the website address and QR code for them to complete the questionnaire online at a convenient time; and
  • a downloadable copy of the patient questionnaire which the patient can complete in the pharmacy.

Contractors can also view, for their own pharmacy, a high-level summary of patient responses on the IT platform. Contractors are encouraged to monitor this throughout the flu season to see how patients are responding to questions about the service being provided. It may also be beneficial to view this after the service has finished on 31st March 2019, so contractors have a high-level summary, for their pharmacy, of patient responses for the Flu Vaccination Service 2018/19.

When patient questionnaires are completed on paper, community pharmacy contractors should utilise the functionality available on the IT platform to submit patients’ responses to the questionnaire so that these responses can be collated and analysed along with those submitted electronically.

Contractors are reminded that it is a requirement of the service to ask all patients who have a flu vaccination to complete the patient questionnaire.

guidance document on how to use to complete the process is available on the IT platform.


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