Medicine suppliers request prompt return of tote delivery boxes

Medicine suppliers request prompt return of tote delivery boxes

March 20, 2020

The Healthcare Distribution Association (HDA) is asking that community pharmacy teams support the increase in demand on the supply chain by ensuring delivery tote boxes are returned to suppliers of medicinal products as quickly as possible.

The significant increase in the volume of orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic has left some distributors severely short of the totes required for deliveries. This is starting to affect the speed at which medicinal products can move through the supply chain.

Tote boxes are essential to safe medicines supply as they help suppliers to protect and track medicines. HDA is therefore asking pharmacy teams to return any totes to their supplier’s delivery driver when they are making a delivery.

Some other simple things that pharmacy teams can do to help keep the flow of medicines going include:

  • Check orders carefully to avoid mistakes that lead to returns;
  • Use online portals to contact wholesalers wherever possible; and
  • Allow delivery drivers to sign electronic devices on behalf of pharmacies.

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