NHS Choices to trial improved Find a Pharmacy service

NHS Choices to trial improved Find a Pharmacy service

November 27, 2017

The NHS Choices website will shortly start to trial an improved Find a Pharmacy service. This new search service will allow website visitors to find the nearest pharmacy to them which is open at the time of the search.

The current pharmacy search on NHS Choices will identify nearby pharmacies, but it does not identify which are open at the time of the search. Research on the way NHS Choices visitors use the current pharmacy search suggests that most of them are looking for an open pharmacy in the out of hours period. The new search functionality is possible following the recent widespread updating of NHS Choices pharmacy profiles, including opening hours, as part of the Quality Payments Scheme.

The NHS Choices team have used extensive user testing as part of the development of the new search functionality, including over 800 user responses collected via polls on the test version of the new pharmacy search, which have led to further improvements being made to the search prior to the forthcoming wider trial.

Once the trial of the new search commences, 20% of visitors to the current search will be redirected to the new search. Assuming the new search performs as expected, there will be a gradual transition of visitors to this search, with the majority being directed to the new search by the end of January 2018.

NHS Choices are also developing new service searches for their homepage for distance selling pharmacies and dispensing appliance contractors.

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