NHS Interim People Plan includes training and support for pharmacy

NHS Interim People Plan includes training and support for pharmacy

June 3, 2019

The NHS has today (3rd June 2019) published an Interim People Plan, which sets out how it will support the workforce to deliver the care that the NHS needs.

When the NHS Long Term Plan was published in January 2019, it was recognised that changes would need to be made to the healthcare workforce to help fulfil the plan’s ambitions. Today’s interim plan addresses the immediate actions required in the coming year.

The plan prioritises urgent action on nursing shortages, but also outlines intentions to develop the workforce by making the NHS an employer of excellence, creating a culture that delivers better care, offering new types of roles, and utilising new technologies.

A summary for the pharmacy workforce as well as a Briefing on Future Plans for the Pharmacy Workforce have been issued.

Key points include:

  • Community pharmacists should have greater freedom to deliver more clinical care, as pharmacy technicians are supported and encouraged to practise at the top of their licence;
  • Introduction of a common foundation programme for all newly registered pharmacists;
  • New training to support community pharmacy teams in delivering care for patients with minor illnesses and supporting the public to live healthier lives;
  • Pharmacist prescribers will be a central part of multidisciplinary teams in Primary Care Networks (PCNs);
  • Appointing experienced pharmacists as clinical directors of pharmacy and medicines in every Integrated Care System; and
  • Strengthening the image and reputation of pharmacy teams to attract a larger and wider pool of people to the future pharmacy workforce.

A full five-year People Plan, alongside a detailed implementation plan for the NHS Long Term Plan, will be published after the Government’s next Spending Review.

PSNC Director of NHS Services, Alastair Buxton, said:

“With prevention and urgent care high on the NHS Long Term Plan’s list of priorities, we are pleased to see that the Interim People Plan picks out community pharmacy as one of the sectors that will benefit from workforce development.

PSNC has recently recommended to pharmacy teams that they take all opportunities to update their skills to help them meet the future needs of the NHS. The interim plan shows that the NHS also recognises its role in making sure the right training and support is available to help community pharmacy deliver the services of the future; we look forward to investment in upskilling the pharmacy workforce featuring in the full People Plan.”


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