NHS to receive £20 billion funding increase

NHS to receive £20 billion funding increase

June 18, 2018

Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed that the NHS will receive an extra £20 billion a year by 2023, but NHS leaders must continue to reduce waste to ensure that this extra funding is spent wisely.

The announcement, made over the weekend, is being labelled a ‘birthday present’ as the NHS turns 70. The figure is equivalent to a 3.4% rise to NHS England’s budget for frontline services.

Whilst the Prime Minister has suggested that the money will be funded by a combination of a Brexit dividend and a tax increase, Health and Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said that full details will be revealed by the Chancellor in the Autumn Budget.

Public think tanks such as The King’s Fund welcomed the cash boost, but warned that funding will still fall short of that required to sufficiently meet the health service’s needs.

Further details are expected to become clear later today when the Prime Minister gives a speech outlining her long-term funding plan for the NHS.

PSNC Chief Executive Simon Dukes said:

“We are pleased to see HM Government backing the NHS with this historic funding deal, and we look forward to working with the NHS to understand how community pharmacy can help to meet the challenges ahead as the NHS develops its ten-year plan. The first step in that journey will be for us to begin substantive negotiations on community pharmacy’s immediate future, which we hope to be able to do soon. Community pharmacies are the most accessible healthcare locations with much to offer to support both patients and the health service.”

What others have said

The King’s Fund

“The Prime Minister has administered a welcome shot in the arm that will get the NHS back on its feet but not provided the long term cure that would restore it to full health.

It is essential that some of the extra funding is ring-fenced to support new ways of providing integrated care to improve patient experience and take pressure off hospitals. More detail is also needed on what it means for key areas of spending that fall outside NHS England’s budget such as public health, capital investment and staff training.”

Read the full statement.

The Nuffield Trust

“This settlement is significantly lower than the 4% we, and many others, said was needed as a minimum to prevent deterioration in patient care. While a welcome respite, it will not equip the NHS to make much-needed changes to services, adopt new technologies, or expand the workforce. The Prime Minister’s ambition to create a world-class health service will be difficult to achieve with spending increases of less than the historic average.”

Read the full statement.

The Health Foundation

“Increases of at least 4% a year are the minimum needed to tackle the backlog of financial problems from eight years of austerity.

Tough choices now need to be made on where to invest. This must be an open and honest discussion with the NHS and public.”

Read the full statement.


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