NHSmail: Improved access to shared accounts assists NHSmail usage

NHSmail: Improved access to shared accounts assists NHSmail usage

June 27, 2019

Pharmacy teams can now have up to 10 individual NHSmail accounts for staff members, which can then be used to access their pharmacy’s shared NHSmail address.

Previously pharmacies were limited to just three individual staff accounts as standard, unless they specifically requested additional accounts from NHS England. This change was included in a list of suggested NHSmail improvements compiled by the Community Pharmacy IT Group (CP ITG), for which PSNC provides the secretariat.

Commenting on the change, Sunil Kochhar, PSNC member, independent contractor and a member of the CP ITG, said:

An increase in the number of staff now able to access a pharmacy shared NHSmail account will really help with workload management. As more GP practices are going ‘fax free’, pharmacy teams will need to get used to regularly checking and using their shared NHSmail account. And this improvement should help make it an easier transition.”

If you have a suggestion on how to improve NHSmail, please email PSNC’s Community Pharmacy IT Lead to share your idea.

Further information

PSNC’s NHSmail webpage – this explains the process for pharmacies to follow should more than 10 personal accounts be needed by a pharmacy.

Use of fax machines in the NHS webpage – this details Government plans to move away from using fax machines in NHS organisations.


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