November Price Concession Update

November Price Concession Update

December 1, 2017

Update as of 8th December: click here.

Update as of 5th December: We continue to press DH and they have confirmed November price concessions are still under consideration.

Update: The team at PSNC are continuing to press DH for an urgent response to our price concession applications for November. We hope to receive a reply soon and well before November prescription pricing is finalised.

We have set up a specific email address for pharmacy teams to contact us regarding the outstanding November price concessions: Please use this address to submit any further relevant information about the impact the delay in granting the concessions is having on patients and pharmacies.

PSNC requested 97 price concessions from the Department of Health (DH) for November 2017. Of these, 38 were agreed and announced on November 13th 2017.

Since then, we have continued to press DH to agree the outstanding requests, as well as making additional requests for further products. As of 27th November, DH indicated they were still considering these.

We will make applications for December as usual, and continue to press for settlement of the backlog for November. We have made DH aware of the hardship the situation is imposing on contractors, coming as it does on top of the recent funding cuts and margin recovery, and ultimately of the risks for patients who may struggle to access vital medicines.

PSNC bases its application for price concessions on feedback from contractors, and information provided by suppliers. DH then undertakes its own investigations and sets price concessions using the information they have gathered. The resulting prices are often less than the prices at which individual contractors can purchase medicines.

PSNC is continuing to work to ensure that the DH understands the problems and risks if pharmacies are not able to obtain medicines for patients in a timely manner, and to press for better systems to address the impact of high price rises.

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